On march, 17 2020, Ukrainian government launched lockdown to fight COVID-19 threat. Most businesses in Ukraine had to close their doors and to stop their activities. Thousands of restaurants, malls, event-agencies, factories and others started invisible fight to survive.

This page is intro to a projects with a stories of struggle behind the closed doors.
My characters are desperate, scared, angry, calm, focused and optimistic. My characters are different. My characters are... People.
After two month of lockdown, Prime Minister of Ukraine launched press-release with message that 80% of businesses in Ukraine worked during the lockdown. It would be great to live in a reality of mr. Shmygal, because all businesses, we communicated with are greatly affected by measures of government.

Soon, I will add stories of my characters

Yurii. head of "Advance Finance Alliance"(financial corporation)
Serge. Founder of "Closer"(Top-10 techno-club in Europe)
Nicolas and Sveta. Founders of "Dom" and "Vagabond" restaurants
Alex. Head of legal department. Danone Ukraine
Andrew. Founder of corporate gift company "full motion"
VOVA AND ANATOLY. Co-founders of "Hardride" workshop.
ALEX AND TANYA. Founders of "REGATA CLUB" and "" underware
Yan. Street food ambassador and creator of fusion hot dogs "Bistro Bistro"
Andrey. Founder of "Zavod shop"(wristwatch supermarket) and "Rider1991"(Watch manufacture company)
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